Thursday, August 16, 2012

Campfire Cake

I made a campfire cake for our seven year old's campfire birthday party!

The "rocks" for the campfire are chocolate raisins and Jelly Belly "Belly Flops" Irregular Jelly Beans from Dollar Tree.  The campfire "wood" is honey wheat pretzels.  For the fire, I happened to have some largish orange Hanukkah candles I'd bought on clearance a while back.  I frosted sugar cones for the trees.  I think the fire will look great when it's lit!   I tried to elevate one of the cones with a pretzel rod for the tree trunk, but the frosted cone was so heavy that we had a couple of "Timberrrr!!!" incidents, so I gave up on raising it up.  For the tree to the right of the tent I did break off the cone a little to make it smaller, for variety.  I frosted "grass" around the edges of the cake and used green sprinkles and nonpareils to make the grass on top more interesting.  The tent is made from two chocolate Pop Tarts.

Here's my happy seven year old with his blazing campfire!  This little redhead makes me happy every day!


  1. What an adorable cake! It looks like he was totally happy with it too!

  2. That's a cool cake! Caroline wants it now...


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