Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lightsaber Jello

David made this rad lightsaber jello for our five year old's birthday!
Here's how you can make your own lightsaber jello:

1) Measure the inside of your refrigerator.  When you know the diagonal length of a shelf in your refrigerator, you'll know how long you can make your lightsaber!  Our lightsaber blade (minus the hilt) was 22" long.

2) Construct a jello mold using cardboard and foil.  Cut a piece of cardboard to the length of your lightsaber blade, with a width of about 7 inches.  Make sure that the corrugated cardboard lines run along the length of your cardboard piece.  Make the mold U-shaped by bending the cardboard using the edge of a countertop or table, like so:

2) Make cardboard ends for the U-shaped mold and fasten them on with masking tape:

3) Roll two small cardboard tubes to prop up the U-shaped mold. 

4) Tape the tubes to the outside of the mold to keep it upright.

5) Line the mold with at least two layers of foil.  You may also want to line the refrigerator shelf in case the mold leaks a little.

6) Fill the mold with jello.  Follow the JELL-O JIGGLERS recipe: a ratio of 1 1/4 cups of boiling water per large (6oz., 8 serving size) pack of jello used.  We used three large packs of red jello, with 3 3/4 cups of boiling water.  I use a large Pyrex mixing bowl to measure the water.  I microwave the water right in the Pyrex bowl, and stir in the dry jello until dissolved. 

7) Cover and chill the jello overnight.  Prepare a large, foil-covered piece of cardboard for a serving tray.  Remove the outer cardboard mold and carefully invert the jello onto the foil-covered serving tray.  Peel away the foil to reveal your super cool lightsaber blade.  Do this setup just before serving--the jiggly lightsaber won't stay firm for too long!

8) Figure out what you want to use as the hilt of the lightsaber.  We used a small flashlight to light up the blade of the lightsaber!  Anchor the flashlight to the cardboard tray so it doesn't roll around.  To do this, we poked four holes around the flashlight and threaded plastic wrap through the holes like so:

9) Present the jiggly lightsaber to a smiling, red-headed five year old.  Put him on the school bus and he'll tell all his kindergarten friends about his fabulous five year old birthday!

Looking for more Star Wars party ideas?  JustJennRecipes and Make and Takes are two great places to get started!

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  1. What a fun jello mold!! Thanks for sharing, May the force be with you!!


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